epic tower defense game




This tower attacks in high curves. It has a low firing speed but fires powerful bombs. Its bombs have a destruction radius which damages enemies within a range. Mortar just attacks ground type enemies. Mortar has 4 aggressive modes, a basic state and 3 states in the upgrade mode. After the third upgrade, this tower’s ability will be unlocked. Mortar has its own ability. Mortar’s first ability is firing some bombs together at the same time. As you know, the simultaneous explosion of some bombs in an area causes great damage…

Mortar’s second ability is firing cluster bombs. Bombs in this ability act like a cruise missile; they track down enemies and explode precisely above their heads. Mortar is upgradable to three levels. Each upgrade increases the number of bombs in each firing and increases the range of tracking down.

  • Damage:                   High, killer
  • Fire rate:                   low, curve
  • Health:                      High
  • Target type:             Ground
  • Ability:                       Cluster bombs, chasing cluster bombs



This tower decreases the enemies’ pace and provides time for the attacking towers to destroy them. (It attacks both types. Low damage and low attack speed). This tower has 4 aggressive modes, one of which is a basic mode and three of which are upgrade states. After the third upgrade, the tower will be set in the ability mode. Facing air type enemies, the first ability of this tower is to include air units which fly in lower heights. This makes air types a reachable target for other towers which attack ground types only. It means both tower types can shoot air types. Second ability of this tower is called “GO BACK “. Snower uses this ability to force non-invasive ground type enemies backward. It impairs the enemy’s routing system. It provides enough time for attacking towers to destroy the enemies.

In the ability mode, this tower is upgradable up to 3 levels which increase the chance of action in ability mode.

  • Damage:                  Very low, not  killer
  • Fire rate:                 Middle, direct
  • Health:                     High
  • Target type:           Both (air and ground)
  • Ability:                    Go back, Air to ground



Machinegun the tower

This tower attacks air and ground enemies. After being located in its situation, Machine gun is in the zero or basic state. Machine gun is upgradable to 3 levels. It has 4 aggressive modes.

After the third upgrade, the especial ability of this tower will be unlocked. The ability of this tower is to discharge enemies. By each shooting, a specific amount of discharge will decrease the enemy’s energy in a limited period of time (dependent on the upgrade level of the tower’s ability). This tower’s ability is upgradable separately to 3 levels.

Upgrades increase the amount of discharge and its time.

  • Damage:                   Middle, killer
  • Fire rate:                  Middle, direct
  • Health:                      Low
  • Target type:            Both (air and ground)
  • Ability:                     Discharging enemies